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Take Time to Just Be

I love a new week!  With feelings of optimism and peace, I am looking forward to what each day brings- and I’m not worried about the unknown.

Every Monday I enjoy getting coffee, going to the park and embracing the beauty around me.  As I thought about what I have planned for the day and the week ahead, I stopped and remembered the importance of going with the flow.  Often times we can get so caught up in our own plans that we don’t recognize the messages the universe sends about other plans and opportunities.

These past few months have given me many opportunities to practice being more mindful- with many uncertainties about what lies ahead, it’s been crucial for me to enjoy the moment and take time to just be.

Just last week I was feeling a little unsettled about my routine, but after enjoying a day at the beach and meditating on my intentions, I received a phone call about a new opportunity.  It just goes to show that worrying didn’t serve me- having faith, putting in the work and going with the flow was all I needed.

While there’s still uncertainty, I’ve let go of fear.  I’ve been through transitions before, and life has always worked itself out in the end.  Taking time to connect, recharge, and care for yourself is so important when going through changes- even though we may want to control every outcome.  Instead of wasting my energy feeling nervous, I’m enjoying this time of peace, walks by the harbor, and grounding myself in nature.  The universe already knows what is in store for me, so I’ll embrace the moment and welcome the next opportunity that comes my way.

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