Comforts of Home

Although I am 910 miles from my hometown, I have been doing all of the things that make me feel joyful, safe and comforted.  Visiting the beach.  Spending my evenings reading a book.  Taking walks along storefronts and getting a coffee.  Drawing, coloring and painting.
Over the past year I’ve thought a lot about what makes me the happiest and at what points of my life I was truly content.  It was before social life, material things and what others thought of me mattered.  It was before I had to worry about money, what I would eat for dinner, or what the future would look like.

I was always happiest when I was mindful- when I enjoyed the moment and the simple things.

My mother is visiting in two weeks, and I am so excited.  Over the years she has visited me in different places I have lived, but this time feels different.  I feel like I can truly be myself and enjoy the time we have together.  While living in New York I was so eager to go, to do, and to show her everything- I’m not sure I really enjoyed the moment.  I always thought about what was next, whether work needed me, and hoped she was having fun.

I want to go back to that childlike place.  That place I get into when I visit her in Michigan, enjoying hot chocolate on a chilly evening, watching movies, sitting on the beach and having long talks.  

I want to be able to sit back, take it easy, enjoy what life brings me- not push to make life happen.  I need to remember this, on a daily basis, in everything I do.

Today I wake up little a little ping of anxiety, thinking about what I have to do all day.  I stopped myself and reframed those thoughts.  Instead of thinking, “I only have two weeks to accomplish A, B and C before she gets here,” I thought, “first, I’ll start with coffee.”

Yes, I have a lot to do and figure out before she arrives.  However, all I need to worry about is today- and even today, I will enjoy the moment, take on the tasks one at a time, and enjoy the simple things that make me remember the comforts of home.

Everything will work out how they are meant to. 

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