Close to Home

Yesterday I spotted some street art (one of my very favorite parts of city living) that reminded me that I am “close to home,” next to a painting of Boston and the Post Office.  The art was at the Fields Corner red line stop in Dorchester, somewhere I had never been before.  This happy accident was a result of helping a friend, who is new to the area, find her way from our neighborhood bus to the train.

The art reminded me of being guided by my grandparents… a few months after my Grandma Arlene passed away, I packed up and moved to New York.  Sometimes I feel like I royally messed up many of my opportunities there and that I let her down.  However, after leaving NYC last year I feel I was guided to Boston.  From meeting a mailman to Red Sox baseball, I continually noticed a reoccurring Boston theme in my life.  I had considered moving here back in 2015, but the chaos in my life seemed to keep my feet planted in New York.  I suppose I wasn’t quite finished with the lessons of my unmanageable life. 

There were so many signs and symbols that continually showed me the way to New England.  Now, I feel that I am redeeming myself, facing life head-on and making them proud- I hope.  

My cousin Missy shared this photo with me yesterday of my grandpa Jerome and cousin Mike. ❤️ I truly believe there are angels all around us- that come in forms of people, animals, nature and art. 

No matter where you are, remember that you are home.

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Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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  1. Yes I believe we meet and see angels regularly without even realising it. Thank you as ever.

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