We’ve Got This… Together

“Tighten up that pony; you’ve got this!” 👱🏻‍♀️

A dear friend shared this quote yesterday and it struck a chord with me; it made me realize that no matter what the challenges life throws our way, it’s not about the struggles- it’s about how we face them.

Today I don’t have to face my problems alone.

Having a positive attitude and living life on life’s terms has been a huge part of my life this past year.  The world has been going a little crazy; from political stress to tackling jobs, relationships and mental health, I’ve realized that I don’t have to go through life alone.

Boston has provided a huge sense of community for me.  The right people have come into my life at the right times, whether I realized I needed those people or not.  Moving to Massachusetts has been a huge eye-opening experience; I moved here without a circle of friends, but feel more connected than I ever have before.

I chose to move to a new city that I had never lived in before in order to develop new habits and to focus on my health, growth and recovery.  I didn’t want to fall into old patterns or visit my old haunts that brought me pain.  Although I got distracted with work and settling in for the first three months, I was blessed to find an amazingly supportive housemate and a great group of coworkers.  April was a huge turning point for me; I began to make myself known within a community in Cambridge, and I have strengthened those relationships over the past four months.

It’s always been a challenge for me to accept love and kindness from people.  In the past, I’ve been let down or tricked by people who I thought had my best interest at heart.  Boston hasn’t been that way whatsoever.  Thanks to my program and a wonderful group of women who also hold mindfulness and recovery near to their heart, I realized that I don’t have to figure out solutions by myself.

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

My friends have reminded me to stay in the moment and to reach out when I am feeling stir crazy.  When I am hard on myself, they remind me to take it easy.  When I settle for less, they remind me of my own worth.  I feel beyond blessed.

To my friends near and far: thank you.  Today, I’ll brush myself off, tighten that pony and face my day… with a smile.

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