Happy World Environment Day!


The past week has been a little glum after the unfortunate Paris Agreement decision.  While many of us are worried, confused and embarrassed about the United States pulling out of this important protection against climate change, it gives me hope to see so many people acting together to fight for our planet.

Today is World Environment Day, which has been held each year on June 5th since 1974.  Created to raise awareness and action to protect our environment, each year has a special theme to advocate for specific environmental causes.  From marine pollution to global warming, WED is a global platform for public outreach with participation from over 143 countries across the globe.


The theme this year is “connecting people to nature,” which is an important part of my everyday life.  Over the weekend I discovered the beautiful Robbins Farm and Menotomy Rocks parks, both near my home in Arlington.  Whenever I connect with nature, my vibration increases, my soul is soothed and I feel at peace.

Meditation is an important practice that brings me serenity in my busy everyday life.  My relationship with nature brings me closer to my higher power, which is a wonderful reminder of how connected I am to the beauty around me.  We are all one with Mother Nature, so it is crucial for us to take special care of her and our surroundings.

Wondering how you can celebrate our beautiful earth and World Environment Day?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Eat local. Support your economy!
  • Plant a tree or work in your garden
  • Choose vegetarian / vegan options instead of meat
  • Go paperless- sign up for online bill pay, paperless statements, read your news online, and utilize Venmo instead of writing checks
  • Save water- take shorter showers, be mindful of your laundry, dish washing, etc.
  • Watch your consumption- borrow or buy secondhand whenever possible (books, newspapers, clothing, household items)
  • Ride your bike, walk, or take public transportation instead of driving
  • Re-assess your energy use- adapt more eco-friendly, sustainable habits
  • Go minimal! Less is more. Read more about my experience with minimalism

Visit the World Environment Day website for more information.


About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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