Live Beautifully Through the Heat


Ah, summer.  As the temperature heats up and humidity sets in, this time of year can be a little stressful when you’re trying to keep cool.  Although we may feel like tossing our bras out the window and heading to the shore, everyday life doesn’t always permit such a luxury!

Although I love the beautiful East Coast summers, the heat can interfere with my zen and overall comfort level.  It’s difficult to feel polished and put together when you’re overheating on your way to work, stuck on public transit, or simply running errands in 90 degree air.

I recently found a new way to beat the heat in addition to smoothies, beach days and lounging on the front porch.  I discovered Warner’s colorful Play It Cool collection, which have been my go-to bras for the past couple of months.


These bright bras come in a few different styles to give my basic black style a pop of color, while regulating my body temperature and keeping me comfortable!  I also love the wireless design and CHILL FX™ lining that wicks away moisture to keep me cool.

Thanks to bra fitter and lingerie expert Kimmay Caldwell, I also learned a few great tips to find the best fit and style for you, too.

  1. Make time to try on each bra before purchase. We know this is painful, but like breasts, one size can vary from the other.
  2. Re-Fit once a year. Whether you measure yourself or get a professional fitting, it’s important to stay in touch with your bust.
  3. Support from the bottom up. The majority of support comes from the band (not the straps!), so if it is not fitted properly, you may experience sagging or digging in. You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the back of the band if it fits properly.
  4. It’s normal for your bra to stretch out. Since bras are typically made of elastic, they will stretch over time. It’s best to start with the outermost rung on your new bra and as it wears, move to the middle, then the tightest.
  5. Don’t settle, don’t sacrifice!

Whether you’re looking for a new bra to compliment your wardrobe or are seeking a style to help with the heat, check out the Warner’s and Olga options for your own bra-blems.  You can find styles that are comfortable, eliminate sleevage and look great under clothes- even when you’re just relaxing at home.


Thank you Warner’s and Kaplow for partnering with me on this post.

Change Comes From Within

Central Park, May 2016

I used to think success depended on where you lived, what you did for work or what your life looked like on the outside.  It has taken years of ups and downs, relocations, career transitions and breakups to discover the common denominator in each and every situation that went wrong: me.

I had to figure out the inside before I could create the outside.

A year ago I was living in New York City, working on Fifth Avenue at a startup. I had been working with fashion and tech clients for the past two years and was doing almost exactly what I had dreamed of.  I spent my free time roaming the city, sunning in Central Park, going on dates, shopping and socializing.  However, between trips to Starbucks and Henri Bendel, I was running on nervous energy, pushing my way through crowds and medicating myself through happy hour and unhealthy relationships.  There was no doubt I was spinning my wheels, but what was my problem?  Looking back to two years earlier when I initially moved to NYC, you’d think this all would make me happy, right?  Why was I feeling so unsatisfied?

I could finally pay all my bills.  I had a cute (little) apartment.  My office was above my favorite accessories store.  I had met hundreds of interesting people.  I had been to endless restaurants, cafes, wine bars and pubs.  It was summertime, I was in New York City, and I had money in my pocket.  Although I had a lot to be grateful for, something was missing.


I wasn’t happy with myself.

Until I found myself within myself- not based on the external factors in my life- I could never truly be happy.  Nothing on the outside could make up for what was lacking on the inside.  This past year has been an amazing learning experience, from picking up minimalist habits to developing a daily mindfulness practice.  Change takes time, but little by little, change happens.

Our society may stress the importance of material things, our job title and how much money we make, but I have been noticing a major shift.  It’s encouraging.  More and more, people are taking up minimalism, leaving careers that made them so unhappy, practicing mindfulness, developing a deeper spiritual connection and even choosing tiny homes over McMansions.  People are choosing experiences over stuff.  While luxury items are lovely and pampering yourself is great from time to time, it has been such a feeling of peace to enjoy the simple things over the grand gestures these days.

From Central Park from Spy Pond, this girl will always try to remain mindful- in style.

Spy Pond, May 2017

Happy World Environment Day!


The past week has been a little glum after the unfortunate Paris Agreement decision.  While many of us are worried, confused and embarrassed about the United States pulling out of this important protection against climate change, it gives me hope to see so many people acting together to fight for our planet.

Today is World Environment Day, which has been held each year on June 5th since 1974.  Created to raise awareness and action to protect our environment, each year has a special theme to advocate for specific environmental causes.  From marine pollution to global warming, WED is a global platform for public outreach with participation from over 143 countries across the globe.


The theme this year is “connecting people to nature,” which is an important part of my everyday life.  Over the weekend I discovered the beautiful Robbins Farm and Menotomy Rocks parks, both near my home in Arlington.  Whenever I connect with nature, my vibration increases, my soul is soothed and I feel at peace.

Meditation is an important practice that brings me serenity in my busy everyday life.  My relationship with nature brings me closer to my higher power, which is a wonderful reminder of how connected I am to the beauty around me.  We are all one with Mother Nature, so it is crucial for us to take special care of her and our surroundings.

Wondering how you can celebrate our beautiful earth and World Environment Day?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Eat local. Support your economy!
  • Plant a tree or work in your garden
  • Choose vegetarian / vegan options instead of meat
  • Go paperless- sign up for online bill pay, paperless statements, read your news online, and utilize Venmo instead of writing checks
  • Save water- take shorter showers, be mindful of your laundry, dish washing, etc.
  • Watch your consumption- borrow or buy secondhand whenever possible (books, newspapers, clothing, household items)
  • Ride your bike, walk, or take public transportation instead of driving
  • Re-assess your energy use- adapt more eco-friendly, sustainable habits
  • Go minimal! Less is more. Read more about my experience with minimalism

Visit the World Environment Day website for more information.