Follow Your Heart


Throughout my life I have made a variety of impulsive decisions that always seem to work out just fine.  Have I been lucky?  Am I good at hustling?  Do I have impeccable instincts?  Perhaps it is a variety of factors, but one thing is for sure: I have always followed my heart.

I have learned to trust my gut.  I know when people, situations, or places don’t feel right. However, I also hold on to the feelings that bring me joy.  Whether it’s the smell of lilacs that remind me of a blissful summer as a child, or hearing a song that brings me peace, my heart always knows what will make me happy and keep me safe.

Too much logic, planning or self-will can prevent you from reaching your full potential, cause stress and block possibilities that were beyond your wildest dreams!  For me, trying to follow someone else’s plan just didn’t work.  It repeatedly created aggravation, depression, addiction issues and poor relationships.  When I found myself following someone else’s path and not my own heart, my life quickly became unmanageable.


Once I learned to release and surrender, beautiful things began to happen again.  I cleared my mind of old thoughts and perceptions and allowed life to reveal itself.  Moving to Boston has been a wonderful experience in practicing my faith, as I moved here only knowing one person, jobless and apartmentless but with a plan and a clear, sober mind.  After I landed on December 1st, it took me seven days to get a job offer (two of those days were during the weekend!) and ten to find a great home, which is where I still live today.

The power of positivity works if you work for it.

Every day I receive messages from my higher power- people will come into my life, songs will play, emails will appear and even my dreams will dig into my subconscious to show me the signs that I need.  Lately I have been feeling very spiritually connected; it’s been a beautiful spring, so I have been spending most of my free time in nature.  Meditation, journaling, long walks and spending time sitting near the trees or beside the water is the easiest way for me to realign myself with the universe and reconnect with my spiritual side when I’m feeling irritated and distant.

In a busy world of constant stimulation, consumerism and greed, there has been nothing more gratifying for me to bring myself back to my childlike soul; the girl who spent her days reading on a tree swing, creating imaginary characters, drawing and dancing.  When I follow my heart and remember all of the simple things that bring me real, true joy and add meaning to my life, I find that my worries float away and my faith is quickly restored.


About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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