Clearing Your Mind


I used to run on nervous energy- I would fill my day with meaningless tasks and errands, only to find myself chasing my tail.  I would work on multiple tasks and projects, but finished nothing.  The glorification of “busyness” is a problem in our society- and something that I have been guilty of.

I noticed today that I almost left the house without eating, so I stopped, took a deep breath and realized I was getting into my old habits.  My nervous energy, overactive mind and focus on what was next- not what was right in front of me- was beginning to effect my mood and my body.

Up until recently, I didn’t realize that the reason things haven’t worked out the way I wanted them to (career, productivity, finances, dating) is because I continued to do the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result- the definition of insanity!  Sometimes I feel like I am in a constant state of transition, as I keep repeating old patterns that didn’t suit me in the past; so why would they suit me now?

I ate, left my house and decided to follow my intuition and head to the park.  Being outside never fails to make me feel better, so I grabbed my notebook, planner, pens and a coffee and headed to nature to get some work done.


As soon as I arrived at Boston Common, all of my nervous energy was gone.  I meditated for a few minutes, arranged all of my things and got into a serene mental state.  This was the type of mental state I needed to be productive.

So, this practice brought me to a revelation: in order to allow the gifts of the future, I need to clear my mind of old negative values, ideas, pain and fear.  When I am feeling uneasy, I must to re-align myself with the universe through feeling genuine gratitude, not hold on to the junk of yesterday.  While we can all learn from past experiences, there is absolutely no reason to hold onto shame, guilt or failures.  Live and learn- but move on.

It’s also so important to take some time to clear your mind, ground yourself and reflect on your true passions and your purpose.  I’ve spent the past ten years trying out new cities, boyfriends, careers, you name it.  I learned that none of those things fulfilled me- I had to fulfill myself first.

Spend time in nature.  Be alone.  Write.  Create.  Just do you.  The plan the universe has for you is far beyond what you could think up on your own-  so give that pretty little mind a rest so you can stop and enjoy the moment.


About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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