Healing Through Art


The arts have always been a major part of my life, as my earliest memories included drawing, creating handmade cards, craft projects and writing.  Creativity has also been an outlet for me to express my emotions, from drawing to fashion.

I recently decided to take up painting since my bedroom walls looked a little bare.  I bought a pack of canvases, a tube of gold paint and stared at the white squares.  I thought, “what messages would I like to see when I open my eyes in the morning?”

Keeping it simple is something I must remember on a daily basis- life is such a complicated journey that it is imperative to stay grounded in order to stay sane.  While I used to love more of everything and a variety of anything, today I adore simple beauty and minimalism.  I decided not to complicate things and to stick with white and gold- less is more.  With every brush stroke, I gained a little bit of strength and began to let go of insecurity, fear and doubt.  A coach of mine once suggested the post-it practice- sticking affirmations on your walls or mirror- and ever since I have been mindful of writing down gratitudes and positive thoughts to remind myself every day that I am, indeed, enough.  This coach even put me in a hula-hoop and told me that the only thing I could control what was inside that hula-hoop: me.

Since I began painting I have also been inspired by so many amazing women in my life.  Their love has helped me gain confidence and heal, so I have started to make art for them, too.  Together, no matter what our struggles, we can help one another by sharing our own inspiration and journey.


About Kristin Fehrman

Writer in Boston.
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