Living Beautifully

What does it mean to live beautifully?

To me, life is all about enjoying those little moments; soaking in the sunshine, being one with nature and finding beauty wherever you go. Happiness is a state of mind, so I try to incorporate items in my life that serve a purpose and make me smile.

I discovered Collectively Kate through Charleston Weekender, who has an amazing lifestyle brand promoting good vibes and sunny southern days. I loved the “Sunday Funday” tee the ladies created, so I reached out to Kate to design a couple of fun, functional items to brighten your day and help you stay in the moment.


Kate and I designed a canvas tote bag for everyday errands with the simple reminder to “live beautifully.” Whether you’re heading to work, the grocery store, a cafe or to yoga, this affirmation is meant to help you stay grateful and in the moment.

“The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time.” -Douglas Wood

Speaking of gratitude, journaling has been a big part of my life and journey in mindfulness. Writing down daily gratitudes has helped me stay thankful, so Kate and I also designed journals for you to remember all that you’re grateful for.


Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself, a friend or family member, I hope these items bring good vibes and beauty your way. I will be launching my online store soon, but you can email me at to reserve your tote or journal.

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