Live the life you want

Another year has passed; a year of memories, ups and downs. As we put 2016 behind us and reflect on the past, we visualize the upcoming year and the life we hope to live.

In order to manifest your desires in the New Year, putting positive energy out to the universe is the first step to achieving a happy and prosperous 2017. So, how do you materialize your hopes and dreams?


Write it Down

Make a plan! When you write down exactly what you’re working towards, you’re one step closer to making it happen. Be sure to be specific- before moving to Boston, I made a four-page plan listing what type of career I wanted, where I wanted to live, and even drew pictures to create visuals. My plan soon became a “to-do” list, complete with objectives, dates, and check-boxes.

Set Goals

Once you’ve written down what you want, set goals! There’s no need to rush, so start small- give yourself a time frame to meet your goals and focus on one thing at a time. Be realistic with yourself!

Make a Vision Board

Grab a stack of old magazines, scissors, poster board, markers and glue to create your dream year! I made this vision board on New Year’s Eve to focus on my priorities for 2017, which include mindfulness, self-care, learning and being content in the present moment. Keep your vision board somewhere you will see it each day as a reminder that you’re one day closer to the life you want.


Post-It Notes

Write down positive affirmations to stick on your mirror or desk. A message as simple as “I am beautiful” or “I can do it!” can act as motivation to get your through the day or to start your morning off on the right foot.

Simple Reminders

I love jewelry that has meaning; particularly my Alex and Ani “What’s for you will not pass you” bracelet. It’s a wonderful reminder to slow down and to stay aware of your surroundings; since I can’t control everything, I will make the most of what I have at this moment.

If you want to have an amazing year, it starts with a positive attitude! The more you believe that good things are on their way, the sooner you’ll be aware of them.


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