Comforts of the City


Whenever I feel lonely, I go exploring. Wandering the streets, window shopping, picking up coffee at a local cafe, sitting by the water, learning new neighborhoods, and taking pictures of the beauty around me.

I never felt lonely in New York City; there was always someone around me, something was always open, and the trains ran 24/7. I never felt lost and I never felt scared.

Ironic, considering many people feel NYC is a big, scary place. It was quite the contrary for me. Despite challenges, I was content being alone in such a large city. Although it’s just a quick train or drive away, my life in Boston seems worlds apart. It’s probably a good thing.

Over the long weekend I decided to do all of the things I loved about New York- in Boston. Similar to my life in SF and NYC, I decided to hop on the T and see where it took me. I got off the Orange Line at Back Bay, curious to check out the shops, architecture, parks and people.


The beauty of Boston is phenomenal– and if it weren’t so cold, I would be out and about all of the time! It’s a very small and walkable city with hidden gems everywhere… I just have yet to find them.

Although I’ve been feeling alone, this is an exciting time- I have the whole city at my fingertips. It may still be a stranger to me now, but soon I will find my own comforts in Boston.

While I may miss New York today, it will always be there- and I have a whole new city to fall in love with.



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