Comforts of the city


Whenever I feel lonely, I go exploring. Wandering the streets, window shopping, picking up coffee at a local cafe, sitting by the water, learning new neighborhoods, and taking pictures of the beauty around me.

I never felt lonely in New York City; there was always someone around me, something was always open, and the trains ran 24/7. I never felt lost and I never felt scared.

Ironic, considering many people feel NYC is a big, scary place. It was quite the contrary for me. Despite challenges, I was content being alone in such a large city. Although it’s just a quick train or drive away, my life in Boston seems worlds apart. It’s probably a good thing.

Over the long weekend I decided to do all of the things I loved about New York- in Boston. Similar to my life in SF and NYC, I decided to hop on the T and see where it took me. I got off the Orange Line at Back Bay, curious to check out the shops, architecture, parks and people.


The beauty of Boston is phenominal- and if it weren’t so cold, I would be out and about all of the time! It’s a very small and walkable city with hidden gems everywhere… I just have yet to find them.

Although I’ve been feeling alone, this is an exciting time- I have the whole city at my fingertips. It may still be a stranger to me now, but soon I will find my own comforts in Boston.

While I may miss New York today, it will always be there- and I have a whole new city to fall in love with.



About Kristin Fehrman

My name is Kristin Fehrman and I am a writer in Boston. I started my blog, Mindful in Style, to share my story with the hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams, discover their purpose, pursue their passions, and use their voice. This is my own story of living beautifully.
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