Never old or lonely enough to settle


The last guy I went out with lived with his parents.  He also complained about spending gas money to see me, spelled my name wrong, used the incorrect form of “your” and asked me to pay for dinner.  On this particular dinner, at a restaurant in Medford Square, he ordered a poupou platter, entree and a Mountain Dew.


I’m sure you can guess how that relationship ended.

I’ll never be old or lonely enough to settle.


Sure, this is an extreme (and comical) case.  At 32, I watch people my age get married, divorced, and married all over again; as for myself, I have yet to tie the knot.  As I look back on my relationships, I realize they’re short lived, but mostly happy.  We leave when we realize it’s no longer working- and that’s okay.

Now, I can’t blame someone for where they’re at in life.  We all have our journey.

However, a little effort goes a long way.  I can’t fake who I am, pretend I am interested in things I am not, do activities that make me uncomfortable or hide my passions because the other person doesn’t understand.

I also won’t settle for someone who doesn’t even try to understand.

So many people suffer through things that make them discontent, while I could work on sticking with things that are uncomfortable.  However, I’m never too old, or never too lonely, to put myself in a situation that is unhealthy for me.

Dating, relationships, or the concept of family, being “settled,” and taking care of another person or creature isn’t on my radar.  I’m working on taking care of myself, being mindful, creative and content.

Even if I have to eat Chinese food alone, I’ll be in good company- for I’ll never be old or lonely enough to settle.



About Kristin Fehrman

My name is Kristin Fehrman and I am a writer in Boston. I started my blog, Mindful in Style, to share my story with the hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams, discover their purpose, pursue their passions, and use their voice. This is my own story of living beautifully.
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