More doing, less thinking

Recently I started a new job. Funny enough, with this new position I came full circle- back to the staffing industry, which is how my career began in 2007. I thought back to my first job out of college, wondering why I enjoy my work so much more today than I remember from back then.

Then it came to me. 9 years later, I realized that it was never the job that was the problem- it was me.

I think too much.

At 23, I worried about messing up. I had anxiety about my coworkers laughing about how I sounded on the phone. I constantly wondered what my boss thought of me. I participated in chatter just to fit in. Above all, I felt unsure of myself.

Today, I just do it.

Making the best of each day, one cup of coffee at a time.

I try my best. I work hard. I make lists, I organize my day, I communicate with others without too much emotion. I don’t make excuses. I show up on time.

I stopped thinking so much and started focusing at what I need to do- at that moment.

This is applicable to any day-to-day situation, too. My anxiety has gotten the best of me through the years, but thanks to mindfulness, changing the way I think, and continuous learning experiences, I’ve come to realize how important the moment truly is.

I received a copy of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” years ago, and now seems like the perfect time to re-read it. A wise lady said to me a couple of months ago just that-

“Don’t sweat the small stuff… for it’s all small stuff.”

It’s amazing how much you can get done (and how content you can be!) when your thoughts don’t get in the way!

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