It’s been 6 days since I landed in Boston.


With a new city and a new perspective, I decided it was also time to start a new blog.

Two months ago I never would have dreamed I would be here today. October began with feelings of hope, optimism and a chance for a fresh start, but ended with a much different “new beginning” than I had anticipated.

Life is funny like that.

Instead of pushing my way through a lifelong battle with anxiety and making the same mistakes I had been repeating for years, I took a break. I was fortunate to be able to spend some time to work on myself, live simply, and reassess my life- but more importantly, figure out my purpose.

During my “reset” I wrote out my short-term goals to share with family and friends, but most importantly to hold myself accountable. Something about seeing my plan on paper made it much more tangible; much more real. Once I decided on Boston, I wrote out a Pros and Cons list:


With the exception of a handful of people, I didn’t share where I was going. I kept it quiet, but with a four page plan on paper to prove I was serious. In the past I used to declare my plans to anyone who would listen, later to change my mind, have something fall through, or to simply share for the sake of validation.

Living for others is no way to live your life.

Although I do value the opinion of others, I’m beginning this new journey for me- this time, I won’t let someone else’s thoughts sway me. Perhaps that is where I have failed in the past- allowing myself to be pulled in so many different directions that I wasn’t confident in my own choices.

So far, I’m right on track with the goals I documented, and have even exceeded them. With prayer, meditation and a plan, I’m confident that anything is possible. Everything happens for a reason, and life is much more manageable when you live it one day at a time.


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